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Customer:Global Parts.

Main purpose: Automation software for spare car parts trade

Main goal: To develop software to maintain Web-services for a spare car parts shop.

Basic functionality:

  1. full automation in pulling the partners’ process, database update on programmable schedule;
  2. automatic spare parts search and car accessories on partners’ stock ;
  3. spare parts and accessories catalogue which can be updated on the go;
  4. automatic Customers database update ;
  5. discount system calculation;
  6. automatic user control;
  7. order tracking: vendor request, delivery to the warehouse, sell out to the customer;
  8. full fiscal accounting;
  9. human resources records management
  • which rights has a job position;
  • payroll accounting;
  • for managers: calculation of percentage of sales;
  • stock control;
  • documentation printing;
  • reporting:
    • financial period sales reports;
    • customer rating;
    • offset/netting summary.

This automation software development helps keep control of all processes in a quick and with no unnecessary paperwork.

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